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Dezurik Foods is an Agribusiness/Agri-Tech company specialized in the production, packaging and processing of high end vegetables, spice and snails using green/net house and drip irrigation technology.We are also into production of palm oil through our farm and out grower scheme.We boast of a 5,000 square meters of protected cultivation and over 15 acres of expanding open field cultivation.

Our Values

Our values of reliability, honesty, professionalism and respect for people are an integral part of our business principles. They define who we are and what we stand for.

Our Vision

To build, manage and develop high-tech urban farms and food processing outlets that will deliver fresh and healthy foods from farms to kitchens.

Mission Statement

We are Africa's lead health and environmentally conscious technology based agribusiness and food processing company while participating in the achievement of global food security.

Business Areas
  1. Urban Farms: Greenhouse and net house production of high-end vegetables and snails
  2. Agro trading: Trans regional and transcontinental trading of farm produce and implements
  3. Processing and packaging centres
  4. Open field cultivation of palm tree
  5. Urban farm/real estate. Farmoccupy and Farm-to-home
  6. Training and consultancy
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  • Farm to home invest
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